Chances are, if you've come across a Hollywood movie set in India, you've caught a glimpse of the richness, culture and tradition that is Rajasthan The Abode of Kings.

Legendary as the land of the dancing peacock, a harsh land of desert and mountains. Rajasthan epitomizes the diversity of Indian culture in its architecture and handicrafts.       

It is this particular tradition we hope to maintain in the furniture that we bring to Toronto.       

Many of the artisanal skills of the past are slowly dissapearing but today these skills are being focused on making strong, well built, modern furniture for today's market.     

Attention to detail, carving and finish, is available to make a great piece of furniture that is unique and not being made anywhere else in the world. Stay tuned as we create and move across the furniture landscape- Where the unusual is the usual! 

Warmest regards: John Anderson- Owner /Operator of Morningstar