• Our Hardwood Story

    Author: MorningStar Trading | | Categories: Delivery , Hardwood , india , Mango Wood , No Assembly Required , Rosewood , Solid Hardwood

    Morningstar has always sourced our goods from India since the beginning. We first involved ourselves with the textile and clothing industy, who produced beautiful cotton clothing and clothing accessories for our customers to buy and enjoy. True testimonials from clients past have popped into our store to recant tales of the 1970's and 80's. Their stories always included a piece of clothing they bought from us which became an intregal part of their lives throughout the counter culture and beyond! It warmed my heart to hear such stories, and infuenced me to source solid hardwood furniture from the same place as i was buying my clothing and handicrafts. Rajathan is the hub for Indias artisans and wood crafters. They have such attention to craftmasnship and detail, and the woods they use have such unique grain and heavy density, making the perfect combination for amazing solid hardwood furniture. Our suppliers mainly work with Mango Wood and Indian Rosewood. With the increasing demand for this furniture, the factories have increased in size for faster productivity, and their ability to produce large scale pieces. All of the pieces are beautifully finished by high skilled craftsman who are emersed in the finishing stages of the product, making it not only look good, but feel good as well. The Rosewood and Mango Wood we buy from India never includes press board or particle baord throughout the hardwood. Most of our pieces are 100% solid  There is the very seldom occasion youll find in our store that has a press board back, but never will you find veneer or pressboard throughout the wood in our pieces. We are dedicated to selling you solid hardwood furniture that lasts a lifetime. As the owner, I have bought many pieces of furniture from India and have outfitted my entire home with these beautiful items. I own many hard cover books and I needed a place to store them. Well, Morningstar carries the most durable bookshelves I know of :-). I know that those hard covers will have a home, without the shelves buckling or bowing in the future, and their encased in a beautiful looking piece!! I dont need to assemble furniture from Morningstar, there are never any glued wood joints to make the furniture, and our furniture NEVER comes out of a box! It gets delivered to my home, in one piece.  I know these days with minimal square footage, people are always looking for storage ideas. Morningstar has so many storage options that are solid and wont let you down in 5-10 years like.....all those other guys ;-). I hope you learned a little from my experience wth buying, selling and using Indias finest quality furniture! If you need more information  on the woods we source for our furniture send us an email at morningstartrading@rogers.com or drop the by the store 621 Yonge Street in the heart or Downtown Toronto.